Sponsorship Levels

AFL Sponsorship GeneralGeneral: $5000.00 or more

Full recognition, Organizational advertisements and 5 memberships

AFL Sponsorship CaptainCaptain: $1000.00

Website recognition and membership


AFL Sponsorship LieutenantLieutenant: $500.00

Website recognition and membership


AFL Sponsorship SargentSergeant: $300.00

Website recognition and membership


Friend: $100.00 Website recognition and membership

Membership: $50.00 T-Shirt

Equipment and Services:  If you donate either, Website recognition and membership

These are annual dues starting from the date* that your donation is received.

Sponsorship is key to the growth of America’s Freedom Lodge.

If you would like to pay by check, please mail to:
Amercia’s Freedom Lodge
ATTN:  Rob Pierpont
4070 Johnstown-Utica Rd.
Utica, Ohio  43080

Thank You For Your Support!

*Date is determined by the month

February 5, 2013 |