2011 Fall Deer Hunt

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Ron, Brian T, Bryan F, Keith, George, Andy, David T, Shawn, Dave, Ray and Sam for dedication to our Country and for sharing a week of your life with us. I would have to say we all had a great week. The Veterans were able to harvest 11 deer, went zip lining and finished the week up squirrel hunting for a few hours. A huge THANK YOU to all our staff and all those that helped us throughout the week. Lisa and Christy you all did a excellent job with the food in the kitchen.

Thanks to Todd and Mary Lindsey, Nancy Coad and the Morgan Grange for their help as well with lunch and dinners. To Majik Outdoors, we are looking forward in teaming up with all of you in the future. We all enjoyed our time together. Even though it is just one week and only eleven people if everyone would just volunteer one way in any capacity in your local area YOU will make a difference in someone’s life. We know we did. Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone that has helped America’s Freedom Lodge along the way. God Bless each and every one of you.

Be safe and THANK YOU again.