Bill Williamson

American Freedom Lodge
First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for having me as a guest with my brother Jason. I have never been treated like that in my life by strangers and people I have never met. From the staff, guides, leaders, cabin owners, land owners, and the best cooking in the world. Thanks to Lisa, Christy, and all the ladies for the good hospitality.

From day one to the last day, it was the coolest thing from being picked up for breakfast to being taken to our stands, and then back for lunch and back to our stands and repeated again for supper. I have never been treated that way, I was the only one of 10 people that was not a Vet and they treated me as one of them.

To see people give of their time and not even think about it, but just showing their love for our country and their fellow soldiers, and not being selfish.

Thanks to Danny and Shane for putting up with us in the cabin and walking us up every morning. Thanks to Rob and Mark for their dedication and all the staff. Thanks to my guides Matt, Jeff, and Rob and most of all Kevin. We bonded and shared so much, most of all we just laughed we couldn’t even hunt and that was cool. Thanks to Matt, Jeff, and Rob for showing their compassion I learned so much from them.

I remember one day I went down to the shooting range to find my arrow and I wanted to go by myself but that wasn’t going to happen, Danny started to follow me and was talking and as we got there here comes Rob and another guide. Rob found my arrow and that really touched me, they cared about everything and no one was left alone.

I am a very independent person and it was hard for me to let people do the things they did, but that was their reward, giving back.

One thing that was special to me was when they asked me to sing a song. I wrote a song called “Going Home”, and they asked me if they could use it for their promotional video, that was the coolest thing ever.

I will never forget the experience that I had and will never forget the people that I met and all the Vets: Bart, Keith, Jason, Troy, Big Sexy (Bill Wilson), Terry, Mike, Mo Dog, Mississippi (JJ).

I will always remember the last day hunt when I got to experience it with Kevin and my brother Jason. I got to see him kill his 10 point buck that morning and it was our last hunt of the week. I will never forget that.

Thanks again for all you do for our Veterans. Words can never express how I feel about this experience.

May God Bless You,

Bill Williamson (Singer/Songwriter)

Note: You can hear Bill’s song “Going Home” on our AFL Home Page.

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