Brian Fyffe

In April I arrived at America’s Freedom Lodge base camp and was greeted by a staff member that made me feel like family right from the start. The facility they use is top notch. As a high function quad I had no problems getting around or using any of the amenities. The staff was more than helpful. The whole time they made sure I was comfortable and was having a good time. They made getting in and out of the field to hunt as easy as any walking person. The encampment is great as well as all their blinds. All the guides were very knowledgeable and fun to be around. Even though I did not know very much about Turkey’s and Turkey Hunting they explained things to me in detail. They sit with you not only as a guide but to teach you things as well as lend an ear, they rotated guides as well as blinds so I was able to ask questions and get different advice from everyone, in order to get the best experience possible which I DID! They took every need of each Veteran and accommodated everyone.

I have been to HIGH dollar fancy ranches out west and I has a better time with America’s Freedom Lodge then there.

I would strongly recommend all Veterans to come hunt with AFL. You will enjoy your time with these TRUE American patriots! Even their children were very helpful. The food was some of the best groceries that I have ate and trust me there were plenty to go around all day long. A HUGE thanks to the ladies who spent their time and talents making those meals. I encourage all Paralyzed or wounded Veteran to come out and enjoy themselves with AFL. It is totally accessible and you have no worries while you are with America’s Freedom Lodge. Again I want to Thank all the AFL staff for making my hunt and stay very enjoyable. You all have helped me out and you all are TRUE American Patriots, and showed me another reason to have honorable served our nation!

Brian Fyffe DCC 313miba Airborne

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