David Bircher

When I showed up to base camp I was pretty intimated. Within a couple of minutes your staff sat down and started chatting with my brother and I. After the next couple of hours I started to feel like family. I do not like large groups of people that I don’t know, I get really bad anxiety but you all made me feel very comfortable! Seeing how your staff interacts with the veterans put me to ease. Then the hunt started and it was therapy from then on, weather it was talking, telling jokes or schwacking deer it was amazing. To all the AFL ladies the food was outstanding I mean the treatment was red carpet all of the way!! I did shoot the largest BUCK and how you guys have everything done so fast, processing,tracking and gutting the deer. I tried to get in there and help but was asked to leave it to the staff. The blinds were great nice construction and the heaters really were a life saver. Thank you all for a trip of a lifetime and now you all are my family from Ohio!! I will spread the word of AFL as much as I can, because what you all do is a blessing for us and we are very grateful to have such a kind,loving and just good people help me and my brother. Thanks again and hope to see you all again!!

Semper Fi,
David Bircher (AKA Tight Pants)

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