Good Afternoon all,

Well it is mid February and the Ohio weather can not make it’s mind up as well as the weather all around the rest of the United States. We are hoping everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year as well as a great hunting season. We here at AFL have been busy so far this year. We have a ton of stuff in the works from the New promotional video going out in the mail to putting together a Husqvarna Chainsaw package with the help of Wright Brothers Power in Newark, Ohio. We have as well a nice rifle that we are getting ready to start selling raffle tickets on it’s stock is currently with a master carver being hand carved as I type, so stay tuned for info and pictures. We have been working feverishly on our NEW website and adding stuff weekly to it so for now it is ever changing as well as keeping up our Facebook site. Well better go until next time stay safe and God Bless. Rob