Joe Figueroa

My name is Joe Figueroa; dealing with a terminal disease is an everyday struggle to keep a positive mindset. I try to remind myself that every day is a gift and not to squander it.

Having the opportunity to meet fellow Veterans and the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, Trustees, Guides, and Supporters of AFL was absolutely amazing!

I was especially happy to have the opportunity to engage with the other veterans in conversations, breaking bread, joking, having fun, and fellowship that brought back fond positive memories of my days on active duty. The camaraderie that we all shared mutually helped in maintaining a great positive attitude about the hunt and our lives going forward. Sharing a common bond and goals with my Brothers and Sisters in arms stoked my fire and confirmed my desire to continue living my life to the fullest enjoying every day as if was my last. I met some great warriors who I highly respect and admire for their contributions to our great nation and I hope to remain a part of their lives.

With that said, I want express my gratitude for the opportunity to partake in the Annual Fall Deer Hunt. From the very first interaction with the folks affiliated with AFL, I felt connected as if I was one of their own family members. The sincerity and genuineness bleeds through all of the folks involved in this organization and that for me speaks volumes about the collective and individual character. I am very appreciative and thoroughly impressed with the all of the people involved with AFL with their demonstrated dedication, warm heart felt welcome, respectfulness, appreciation, and compassion.

I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have harvested a nice buck on the first day of hunting thanks to my guide Don Grigsby. As it turned out, my buck was the biggest buck taken during this hunt! I was also able to harvest a small doe thanks to my guides Ed Halsey and Tyler Osbun. I don’t know this to be a fact, but I believe that I’d be in the running for the smallest doe taken during this hunt as well, lol! Anyway, I did in fact tag out and I was totally stoked and appreciative to do so.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge a few special folks that deserve to be recognized for their commitment to the AFL mission statement, but even more importantly their dedication to provide a sense of family to total strangers.

THANK YOU – To all the AFL Staff Member, Trustees, Volunteers, & Supporters, and a special thanks to all of the Food Prepares, Cooks, Guides, Oiler’s Meat Processing, and Land Owners.

Thanks again for the lifetime of memories and welcoming me into The AFL family! I hope that I’ll be able to participate in another Wounded Warrior Hunt in the future and I look forward to be with my new family!


Joe Figueroa
US Army Veteran
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