Moving Right Along

Less than seven weeks til our hunt and all things are moving along very well. Spent this last weekend building a few more permanent stands and hanging a few more hang ons.  Mark is getting ready to build a ground shooting house on one of our food plots.  We had some severe wind here last night much of our county and surrounding is with out power.  Need to go to the woods to survey the damage. I am sure our wind is no where close to the winds that the past hurricanes have brought with them, the news say we had winds somewhere around 60 to 75 mph.

We all have been busy tightening up all our ends for the hunt.  We are looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you on the 26th of October. It looks like we will have around ten people hunting with us that week. The temp’s this weekend were very warm and humid not much deer activity during the day, but they were very active in the evening.  As with the rest of the country the corn and soy beans are really starting to turn so plenty of food for them to munch on, not like the farmers like that though. Well until next time be safe.